Rapport Activité 2015


photo Technologie

Modernising our equipment to benefit your health

Without technology, nothing is possible. The HUG boast highly reliable and advanced facilities in terms of operating theatres and imaging, as well as biomedical and laboratory equipment.


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Modernisation of the technical platform

To make sure patients are treated in complete safety, the ergonomics of operating rooms is paramount. In 2015, ophthalmology redesigned two rooms by optimising the positioning of each party present (patient, doctors, nurses, mobile equipment) and by modernising equipment (computerised anaesthetic machines, surgical lighting with video system, microscopes, and so on.).

Paediatric oncology

logo Synergies

Looking ahead through CanSearch

CanSearch, a foundation specialized in childhood cancer finances projects as part of the HUG's paediatric haematology and oncology unit. The purpose of this unit is to treat children with cancer or blood diseases, and to carry out research in order to improve the understanding and treatment of these conditions.


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Walking support

The Levant Foundation is a non-profit organization that works in the field of rehabilitation and funds various projects at the Beau-Séjour Hospital. The latest equipment given to the HUG by this organization is a walking support device.


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How much does a day in hospital really cost?

Taking into account all areas of care and patients treated, a day in hospital costs an average of 1581 francs. From 784 francs in rehabilitation to 5000 francs in intensive care, the cost per patient* varies depending on the use of the technical platform and the type of care.