Rapport Activité 2015


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Our raison d'être

An institution's missions are its raison d’être. The Geneva Act entrusts three key missions to the HUG: 



A hospital for the people of Geneva

As partners of Geneva's residents throughout their lives, the HUG are committed to giving everyone access to better healthcare. From neonatology to geriatrics, mental health to palliative care, they focus on a multidisciplinary health service to provide each patient with treatment at the forefront of medical progress.


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A first in Switzerland

Through its 68 departments, led by professors/researchers from the University of Geneva's Faculty of Medicine, Geneva University Hospitals encompass all medical specialties.

The Board of Directors

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A higher authority

As the HUG's highest authority, the Board of Directors (BoD) is vested with extensive powers over the management and definition of healthcare policy, subject to the powers of the Grand Council (legislative) and the Council of State (executive) of the Republic and canton of Geneva.

The Management Committee

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Managing departments

In line with our decentralisation approach, each department is headed by a department head, assisted by a management committee. Their role is to ensure the proper application of the following, within the department and its services:

9 strategic projects

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Project 1: Patients as partners

As public institutions, the HUG undertake to provide high quality services to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status. To take account of changing needs, the HUG now want to find a constructive way to include patients and their relatives in discussions. 


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Developing the excellence of your treatments

Excelling for the patient is our daily ambition, to offer each and every one of you the best possible care, at the cutting edge of medicine.


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Operating on tiny Swiss hearts

Created under the auspices of the Vaud-Geneva Association, the Swiss-French academic centre of paediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery is crucial to French-speaking Switzerland. It will allow for further expansion of this activity, in which Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) and the HUG have jointly developed a high level of expertise.