Eidolon was written by Dr Habib Zaidi in collaboration with Alix Hermann Scheurer (first release).

It was revised in 2001 by Frédéric Schoenahl with the grateful help of Karoly Makony (University of Budapest, Hungary) and Claude Comtat (SHFJ, France) for some compatibility and data format problems.

Debug Eidolon with gdb / Objective - C

i. Preamble

Eidolon is written in Objective C, a very elegant language which is implemented on NeXTStep OS. However, using it on other systems is not easy. 

The GNUstep project attempts to adapt the NeXT environment for gnu-linux and unix systems.

The GNUstep project is still ... a project with all problems it implies. However it is already possible to do programming and implementations with the GNUstep API : have a look at WindowMaker.


The documentation of Eidolon is now divided in two parts: the user guide contains the required background and useful informations concerning PET and the way the Simulator works.

The second part is useful for developpers and contains a more detailed description of the sources. A second document is dedicated to the use of the GNU debugger GDB with Obj-C.

For compatibility problems have a look at the credits section.


Eidolon is a part of a larger project, which provided OO libraries for reconstruction methods in PET. This development is described in various publications.

Eidolon project

Eidolon ProjectEidolon is an Open-Source package written in Objective-C to provide a framework for testing reconstruction, attenuation and scatter correction methods for Positron Emission Tomography.