I am still bleeding after delivery and I have a stomach pain, is this normal?

Bleeding or "lochia" is normal after childbirth; it gradually becomes less bloody, becoming pink, then yellow and white and ceases between the 2nd and 6th postpartum week.


Return of menses (return of menstrual periods)

When will my periods come back?

The first period after childbirth is also known as the "return of menses". It usually arrives six weeks after childbirth. If you are breastfeeding entirely, this return of menses may be delayed by a few weeks to a few months.

Warning: breastfeeding is not a method of contraception.

You should consult your gynecologist around six weeks after giving birth for a postpartum check-up and to address the issue of contraception.



Return to work

I have to return to work, what should I do about breastfeeding?

Returning to work depends on your contract and your employer. Depending on your wishes or your options, you can continue breastfeeding, for example the morning and evening milk can be stored. You can express your milk and keep it in the fridge to provide meals for your baby during the day. The alternative is weaning, either by spacing feedings to reduce milk secretion, or by using appropriate drugs. Prepare for your return to work by contacting a breastfeeding professional.


Sexual intercourse

When can I have sexual intercourse?

During pregnancy:
In most cases, there is no risk to having sexual intercourse during pregnancy. It does not harm the baby and helps to strengthen the couple.

Sexual intercourse must absolutely be avoided in the event of: