I am still bleeding after delivery and I have a stomach pain, is this normal?

Bleeding or "lochia" is normal after childbirth; it gradually becomes less bloody, becoming pink, then yellow and white and ceases between the 2nd and 6th postpartum week.



I would like to travel, what method of transport should I use?

Car: Traveling by car is not contraindicated. Be careful during long trips about the risk of premature labor.

Practical advice:

  • During a long journey, plan regular breaks
  • Fasten your seatbelt

The train is preferable for long distances.

Practical advice:


Ligament twinges

I have twinges in the lower abdomen, what should I do?

In early pregnancy and until the middle of pregnancy, pain felt in the lower abdomen towards the folds of the groin often corresponds to "ligament twinges". The uterus is supported on both sides by ligaments that stretch during its growth, leading to pain that can be very uncomfortable. However, this is not abnormal.

During the second half of pregnancy these twinges can be contractions.

Practical advice:


Thermal baths

Can I take thermal baths?

There is no formal contraindication for thermal baths, but prolonged exposure to high temperatures can cause discomfort. (dizziness, sensation of heavy legs).