Diagnosing Alzheimer's

To diagnose Alzheimer’s disease, neuroimaging techniques (MRI, PET) may be used to determine certain biomarkers. However, this data remains incomplete.


The Joli-Mont Rehabilitation and Internal Medicine Division is involved in the postgraduate training of residents at the General Internal Medicine Division (SMIG) and at the Trois-Chêne Hospital, which is carried out as part of their four-month rotation in rehabilitation.

During their rotation, the organization of the Division offers residents the opportunity to attend postgraduate training symposiums organized by the SMIG, in parallel with training symposiums organized on site.

Origins of the Clinic

Les origines de la clinique

Through notarial act on September 23, 1876, and in memory of her late father, Baron Anselm von Rothschild, Baroness Caroline Julie von Rothschild, wife of Baron Adolphe Carl von Rothschild, founded a charitable organization for incurables and convalescents.