I am still bleeding after delivery and I have a stomach pain, is this normal?

Bleeding or "lochia" is normal after childbirth; it gradually becomes less bloody, becoming pink, then yellow and white and ceases between the 2nd and 6th postpartum week.



Elimination or reduction of pain by different methods.

During pregnancy one should not resort to self-medication; however, in case of joint pain, migraines, etc. you can use paracetamol as an analgesic.

Regarding the birth, in the Maternity there are several ways to handle your pain.

Film: "Epidural anesthesia for pregnant women"

Pain network - HUG



The pain

During vaginal delivery, all structures – including the coccyx – remain stretched following the passage of your baby. This is not serious. But pain, sometimes persistent, can occur. It may be necessary
to adapt your sitting position (e.g. by sitting on a swimming ring) or to undergo physiotherapy as prescribed by your doctor.

Painkillers (paracetamol or anti-inflammatory drugs), compatible with breastfeeding, can lessen pain.