Pediatric Surgery

Postgraduate Training

The Pediatric Surgery Division is involved in undergraduate teaching (students in the Faculty of Medicine at Geneva) and postgraduate teaching: continuing education of generalists, pediatricians, general surgeons and pediatric surgeons.

The Pediatric Surgery Division is recognized by the FMH as a level A learning center (Study Concept (FR))

Pediatric Surgery


Mission of the Pediatric Surgery Division 

Pediatric Surgery is a discipline that deals with the surgical treatment of the growing organism. Pediatric Surgery involves children afflicted with congenital malformations, illnesses or the result of accidents; it particularly involves preoperative investigations, surgical treatment and outpatient and post-operative monitoring, from birth up until adulthood. It also involves monitoring potential surgical problems, however that don’t require a surgical procedure.

The Pediatric Surgery Division is a primary, secondary and tertiary center: where simple and current illnesses are treated, as well as complex and very specialized problems. Geneva is the referral Swiss Paediatric Liver Center.

Pediatric Surgery includes:

  • A care unit with 20 beds
  • an outpatient surgery unit with 12 beds
  • an operating theater with six rooms
  • consultation activities at the emergency center

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