What are the risks of general anesthesia?

All medical procedures involve risks, even when they are performed by experts. The rate and severity of these risks depend on your state of health, age or general lifestyle.

The anesthesia techniques used are safe. The risks of unexpected and potentially lifethreatening complications such as an allergy or severe heart or lung problem are extremely small. All necessary measures will be taken to prevent and treat any complications in the best possible way.

However, the following complications could occur:

What is general anesthesia?

This is a technique used to eliminate pain during a surgical, obstetrical or medical procedure (endoscopy, radiology, etc.). It is induced by injecting medication or inhaling anesthetic vapors.

These substances put you into a state comparable to very deep sleep.

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General Anesthesia

Frequently-Asked Questions

The anesthesiologist has decided on general anesthesia with you. This document presents an overview of important information you were given during the pre-anesthesia appointment.

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