The Addiction Division pursues three main lines of research:

Impulsiveness and automatism

Our research is concerned with the common processes that lead a person to develop behaviors that could result in an addiction diagnosis. Impulsiveness and automatism are risk factors for developing and maintaining addictions. A better understanding of these conditions will help to treat people with addiction more effectively.



Mission of the Addiction Division

  • Ensure the diagnosis and therapeutic care of patients with addiction problems (whether or not they involve substances) by signing up to the national and cantonal policy in the area of addictions, called the “4 pillars" (prevention, harm reduction, treatment and care for individuals).
  • Implement long-term integrated psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment for psychiatric comorbidities associated with addiction by combining, notably, the work of intensive care of the psychiatric crisis and specialized programs (addictions without substance and addictions & families).
  • Support secondary and tertiary prevention of addiction in patients with psychiatric comorbidities.