Legal Affairs Directorate

Mr. Laurent Tran
Head of Legal Affairs

The legal affairs directorate combines legal activities, mediation activities and handling serious adverse events.

Several priorities define their main missions:


  • Establish and provide legal advice for the entire HUG workforce and for the various professional directorates with legal issues related to their professional practice;
  • manage indictment files for the HUG’s liability and/or the criminal or administrative accountability of staff;
  • draft and update internal regulations;
  • participate in handling serious adverse events, claims and following up with procedures before the (Patients Rights and Supervisory Committee) Commission de surveillance et des droits des patients
  • prepare release of confidential files;
  • develop and participate in teaching employees about health and labor law.


  • provide an opportunity for every person to express the difficulties they encountered during their hospital stay;
  • facilitate communication and re-establish dialog with the institution;
  • bring forward the concerns of patients or their families and close friends to health professionals with the best information and mutual understanding;
  • sensitize health professionals about the patients’ hospital experience, from the point of view of improving perceptions about care quality of care.

Serious Adverse Events Sector (EIG)

  • collect EIG statements made by staff and ensure handling by the coordination unit, from a quality perspective;
  • guarantee the follow-up of possible recommendations formulated for each situation.
Last update : 02/10/2019