Hospital Construction

2 major projects are currently in progress:

Master Plan for Hospital Construction

The revised plan for hospital construction adheres to the following principles and objectives:

  • improving patient well-being, first and foremost in care sectors where length of stay is medium or long term, i.e. 20 days or more;
  • adapting to changes in medical practice and the requirements of public health, which are:
    • reduced need for acute and short-stay beds 
    • increased requirement for rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy
    • a shift in hospital activities towards outpatient and home-based care; 
  • considering the pathway within the hospital for patients receiving care in different divisions (patient flow);
  • optimizing the use of technical medical equipment and infrastructure;
  • making optimal use of the available space, and distributing hospital activities appropriately across the three main sites (Cluse-Roseraie, Belle-Idée and Loëx);
  • reorganizing and developing the outpatient sector and relieving congestion in the emergency room;
  • finishing current priority construction programs, such as the new inpatient building, the Children's Hospital and the Maternity;
  • co-ordinating requests to the State of Geneva in order to achieve, by 2025: - construction of an adult psychiatric care building - renovation and extension of the Trois-Chêne Hospital (inpatient building) - development of a dedicated reception facility  - renovation of the existing inpatient building  - renovation and extension of the Loëx Hospital (inpatient building);
  • improving fire safety in hospital buildings, in line with legal and regulatory requirements;
  • moving research and administrative logistics activities out of buildings dedicated to patient care, in order to focus priorities on patient well-being;
  • taking the establishment of activities developed by the private sector into account and promoting synergies between the private and public sectors (e.g. emergency room).