Consultative Psychiatry and Crisis Intervention

Mission of the Consultative Psychiatry and Crisis Intervention Division

  • Managing the evaluation, referral and, if necessary, monitoring of interdisciplinary treatment for psychiatric disorders in adult and geriatric patients who are admitted or monitored through outpatient consultations at the Cluse-Roseraie, Trois-Chêne, Bellerive and Loëx sites.
  • Managing psychiatric admissions for patients with complex medical pathologies (UPHA, UGIMP).
  • Covering the medical psychology workload (support/training for teams and professionals) at the above hospital sites.
  • Averting long psychiatric hospital stays by offering crisis interventions to patients who cannot immediately be referred for outpatient treatment, before they reach ER.
  • Making the necessary resources available to ER so it can function as a Psychiatric (Emergency) Admissions Unit, under the leadership of the Attending Physician for this unit and of the head of ER.
Last update : 11/03/2020