Medical Activities

With the development of robotic surgery and minimally invasive techniques, activity in the HUG theaters has grown steadily since 2000. In 2008, 24,537 operations were performed (compared with 22,023 in 2001), excluding endoscopy interventions. Over the first five months of the year, from January to May 2009, a major increase was also seen in Emergency (+ 7.9%) and a smaller increase in other divisions (+ 2.45%).

Everywhere, the occupancy rate in theaters is increasing, especially in ENT and Neurosurgery where it is reaching 97% capacity. The cancellation rate for all reasons (including when the patient does not arrive on the day of operation) is less than 8%.

To improve the management of operating theaters, significant work was carried out to standardize, as much as possible, operating rooms and to schedule their use as needed.

Several measures have been taken in this direction:

  • setting up, for each theater, a trinomial surgeon-anesthetist-manager nurse who maintains a suitable operating schedule with available resources
  • drafting an operational charter based on common rules
  • creation of institutional management indicators to monitor activity and its development more closely
  • realization of a prior medical-economic study demonstrating the impact on the organization, resources and economic viability to justify requests for increased availability of operating rooms on the day.

An operating theaters committee was also created: a cross-disciplinary body to all HUG theaters, it aims to be a space for inter-professional dialog that delivers greater efficiency on a medical and technical level.


Last update : 29/01/2019