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Pathologies Treated

The sternum, the 12 vertebrates and both sides of the ribs forming the rib cage. It holds and protects a large number of vital organs such as the lungs and constitutes, to this effect, a complex barrier to gaining access to treatments. Treating thoracic pathologies by opting for minimally invasive techniques is the mission of the Thoracic Surgery Division.

Lung pathologies are a major specialty of the Thoracic Surgery Division (FR):

Cancers, Infectious Diseases, Pneumothorax, Bronchiectasis and Emphysemas. Thoracic surgery also treats pathologies of the pleura such as mesothelioma and emphysema as well as deformations and trauma to the chest wall.

Endocrine surgery (FR) deals with endocrine organs at the cervical and abdominal level:

The thyroid, the parathyroid and the adrenal glands. While thyroid cancer is one of the most frequently treated pathologies, rare afflictions are also part of the Division’s every day work.

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Last update : 25/01/2017