Scar Care

Scar careWHAT is the OBJECTIVE?

Your child was treated at the wound clinic following surgery or an accident. This brochure explains what you have to do to make sure the scar heals well.




Daily care

Washing The patient can have a shower as of

The care team tells you from wich date baths and showers are allowed.


The care team tells you from when you can start massages

Use an ointment or barrier cream to rub the skin along the scar for 3 minutes, two or three times a day for several weeks (see diagram herewith).

Start by rubbing the skin slowly, softly and lightly, then increase the pressure (after about 4 weeks). The scar should whiten as you rub, then return to its earlier color.

A scar can change shape for up to 2 years, until it turns white. As long as it is red it is still healing and the massages should be continued.

Scar tissue is always more fragile than normal skin.



The care team tells you if you can do or not a compression and from when.

Cover the scar with medical adhesive tape for at least 3 months. Should the scar redden, thicken or swell, you should consult a surgeon to use another method. The health-care team can see your child again if necessary.

Sun screen

It is recommended not to expose scars to the sun for 18 months or to use sun block and apply it frequently.

When you buy sunscreen for your child, pay careful attention to the sun protection factor (SPF 50) and choose a hypoallergenic mineral screen.

Whenever possible, protect your child with an UV-protective cap and clothing (sold in department stores and sportswear shops).

What to look out for

Whether or not your child has a fever, you should immediately consult a doctor if his or her scar:

  • becomes red
  • swells
  • oozes
  • causes pain

Did you know?
The sun’s rays can darken the scar until the healing process is complete. The darker color will remain visible for life. This is why recent scars should not be exposed to the sun or should be well protected.

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Last update : 02/10/2019