The Cardiology Division fulfills several educational missions.

Pre-graduate Training

This involves students studying to be doctors, but also for all professions linked to the field of health, such as nurses, physiotherapists, and others.

Postgraduate Training 

Aimed at future cardiology specialists. It is therefore particularly important to ensure university recruitment and to guarantee high quality medical practice.

This training is based on the day-to-day activity of the division, presentations and case discussions, multidisciplinary symposiums, Journal clubs which makes it possible to keep track of literature and to discuss topics related to research as well as consultations with senior doctors.

Continuing Education

Organized in the form of seminars, continuing education provided by the Cardiology Division is open to all health professionals including registered physicians.

The seminar program includes:

  • weekly cardiology seminars
  • multidisciplinary seminars (FR)  on Thursdays, under the aegis of the Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery and Pediatric Cardiology Divisions.
  • Elective seminars
Last update : 26/04/2017