DREAMER I: Space Suit Stitched from Children's Artwork Marks 20th Anniversary of ISS

Spacesuit Art Project

Swiss Hospital HUG to be the first of 15 Worldwide with over 200 pediatric onco-patient Artists.

Spacesuit Art Project, a global initiative that implements arts therapy sessions in pediatric oncology centers, will spearhead the production of its sixth space suit, DREAMER I, with its first arts therapy session hosted by Geneva at Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG) in partnership with The Red Pencil (International).

With the guidance of arts therapists, pediatric onco-patients have painted their dreams on individual rubberized material sections, which will be constructed together alongside hundreds of similar segments by Russian spaceflight manufacturer and space suit designer NPP Zvezda into a cover for the Russian Orlan space suit. Switzerland is among the 15 other countries worldwide, including Russia, Japan, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, France and the project’s homeland, the USA, participating in the initiative, dedicated to mark the 20th Anniversary of International Space Station (ISS) agreement signing. DREAMER I will follow former space suits HOPE, COURAGE, UNITY, EXPLORATION and VICTORY.

The DREAMER I space suit is a continuation of Space Suit Art Project, a collaboration between the Space For Art Foundation (USA), Unity Public Movement (Russia), ROSCOSMOS, NASA, and international hospitals, astronauts, and other space agencies.

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