Open Days, New Hospital Building

 New Hospital Building

On Saturday the 4th of March and Sunday the 5th of March 2017, come and discover the new Gustave Julliard hospital building.

You've seen it being built... now you can finally take a peek inside. Don't miss this unique opportunity to visit the hospital of the future!

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You can visit:

  • Bedrooms: even more comfort for patients in one or two-bed rooms including shower and toilet.
  • Intermediate Care: an 18-bed unit devoted to patients who require close monitoring.
  • Isolation Areas: negative and positive pressure rooms, equipped with a double airlock doors, to protect vulnerable patients.
  • The Innovation Centre: a space for gathering, developing and implementing innovative ideas, the key to building our future.
  • Intensive Care: 24-hour monitoring of patients with serious medical conditions that require intensive care.
  • Operating Rooms: a world of cutting-edge technology and safety... usually entered under anaesthetic.
  • And many other surprises…

HUG professionals will be on hand to give you directions, welcome you, give details of the areas visited, and answer any questions you may have.

Various activities have also been arranged, and refreshments are available.

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