9 February 2017 - Nutrition and Microbiota

Nutrition and microbiota

Nutrition and microbiota

2nd Symposium GE-VD 
Thursday, February 9th, 13h-17h 

Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), Geneva

An increasing number of people change their diet with the aim of improving gastrointestinal and overall health, especially in case of digestive disease. This highlights that nutritional components interact directly with the gut microbiota and other components of the gut barrier. A privileged target to improve gastrointestinal health may be the intestinal immune system, which is the largest immune organ of the body. Yet, it is not clear how gut microbiota interacts with the intestinal immune system.
This year’s symposium will focus on the links between nutrition, the gut microbiota and the immune system in digestive diseases. In order to make this symposium interactive and allow time for discussion, we have organized a round table with the involved speakers at the end of the symposium. We have also chosen a few hot topics relating to gut microbiota, to highlight its importance in other fields. We wish you a very pleasant, interactive and interesting symposium.


Professionals (physicians, scientists, dieticians, nurses, pharmacists…)


  • Dre Laurence Genton, HUG
  • Prof. Gilbert Greub, CHUV
  • Prof. François Pralong, CHUV
  • Prof. Jacques Schrenzel, HUG

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